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You Aspire for Complete Well-Being..but There’s a Problem - Balancing Your Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual Well-Being Seems Overwhelming​

Do Any of These Sound Familiar?

Lack of Clarity and Direction:

Do you find yourself overwhelmed and confused by the flood of health and wellness advice out there, unsure how to adapt it to your unique needs for a balanced mind, body, and spirit journey?

Stress and Emotional Well-being

Does the stress of life transitions leave you feeling emotionally drained, causing you to stumble on your path to inner peace and emotional resilience?

Physical Health and Energy Levels

Are you stuck in a cycle of low energy and health concerns, unsure how to implement sustainable wellness habits that align with your lifestyle and bring vibrancy back into your everyday life?

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From Personal Struggles to Personal Empowerment

Prem Maurel, Certified Holistic Wellness Mentor

At the tender age of 21, I found myself plunged into a demanding role that tested me both physically and emotionally. As a chef for a yoga retreat populated by monks from across the globe, I was responsible for preparing three daily meals for 30 to 50 people. The pressure was immense, and pleasing everyone’s palette felt like an insurmountable task. During my initial months in this role, the stress was so intense it led to panic attacks and the constant dread of a looming heart attack. It wasn’t just about the sheer quantity of food to be prepared; it was the high stakes of the job, the confrontations with a difficult supervisor, and the responsibility of managing a crew of older men. I felt lost and scared, doubting my abilities and questioning my choice, especially considering that i didn’t even know how to make rice at first.

But amidst the turmoil, I chose to believe in myself. Using ancient techniques from the meditation masters of India, I affirmed my success out loud, whispered it, and mentally programmed my conscious, subconscious, and superconscious mind with a conviction of accomplishment. I began to visualize each step of the meal preparation, harnessing my willpower to become not just a cook, but a great chef. I faced challenges head-on, and this resolve paved my path to self-discovery and resilience. The more I overcame, the stronger I grew. Through meditation, affirmations, right attitude, perseverance, dynamic will, and grace, I learned to stay present and overcome stress, anxiety, self doubt, and a victim mindset. It was an enlightening transformation – I wasn’t merely a chef, I was a conscious being of love, power, and light. Now, I stand here as a testament to the power of the soul, ready to guide you towards your holistic wellness journey, where being supersedes doing and thinking. It would be a privilege to walk alongside you on this transformative journey.

Signature Coaching Program

Unleash Your Healing Potential: A Journey Towards Complete Wellness

In my 90-day Body, Mind, Soul Mastery program, I’ll personally guide you on a transformative journey from your current state to a heightened sense of balance, health, and resilience. Together, we’ll uncover your true wellness goals and unlock your holistic potential. Our focus will encompass physical wellbeing through nutrition advice, mental clarity through mindfulness techniques, spiritual growth through meditation, , emotional balance through inner child healing, and awakening to your true power and nature as a child of light. By the end of this program, you’ll be equipped with sustainable wellness habits, tools for a victorious mindset, and the ability to live a life of purpose crafted by your own design. To secure one of the remaining spots, please click the button below.

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